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How To Create Content For Your Blog

Denise OBerry Posted by

I’ve been seeing all sorts of declarations across the web that small business owners have resolved to “write more blog posts” or “create a blog” for my business this year. Either of those is a great goal depending on where you are in your business. But you have to make sure you don’t start out and then go bust.

That happens to a lot of small business owners when they decide to create regular content by adding a blog to their web site. Things move along really great for a while (a few days, a few weeks, or a few months) and then it dies. And that’s not a good thing. 

There are a lot of different resources for creating content on your blog. And you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared in advance for the day when you run out of ideas. (Trust me, it will happen.)

I was thrilled last week when Small Business Trends published 100+ SMB Blogging Ideas to Kick Start 2010. This is a comprehensive list of ideas you should keep handy to help you come up with topics to create content for your blog. But there’s one small problem. Having an idea and being able to write about it are two different things. And that’s where most people fall short.

So how do you turn an idea into blog content when there are no words in your head? There are several different ways. Here are a couple of my favorites.

1. Use Free Reprint Articles

Free reprint article directories like are packed with quality articles that you can reprint on your site. The only requirements are that you do not edit the article in any way and that you include the author’s resource box at the end (including any links the author has included). This is a win-win situation.  The author gets free advertising. You, the publisher, get free content. But there are some drawbacks to using free reprint articles.

>> Sharing the same exact article as everyone else on the web makes your blog content look like other sites. If you use this approach, make sure you write an introduction to the article, and preferably a wrap-up statement or recommendation at the end.

>> Sometimes it can be tough to find quality content. Gone are the days of grabbing any old free reprint article. It might take some time to find just the right article that will fit with your blog.

2. Use Private Label Rights (PLR) Articles

This is one of my favorites! PLR articles are usually written by a ghostwriter and sold to a limited number of website owners. You have the freedom to edit the articles and publish them without being required to link back to anyone or give credit for writing them. You become the expert when using PLR articles.

PLR articles give you a lot of flexibility and they’re affordable too. You can customize the articles, tweak them for your market, insert examples, photos or case studies and publish them on your website — or you can just use them as they are. These articles are a ton of help to many people. One of the biggest stumbling blocks to creating blog content is the “blank piece of paper” syndrome. It’s much easier for most people to start writing when there’s already words on the paper (so to speak).

So, how do you find a good PLR service? Simple. Find a PLR site that’s been around for a while that offers professionally written and edited content that’s sold in limited quantities. That will ensure you’re not getting recycled PLR, and are getting your hands on top-quality content.

My favorite place is They’ve been offering the best niche PLR article packs on the web since 2006. They have a great reputation and thousands of happy, repeat customers. The articles are really good quality.

>> Content is written by professional writers on staff and edited by an additional staff member.

    >> Articles have limited availability and are low cost. You aren’t sharing the articles with thousands of other people and it won’t break your bank account.

      >> Great reputation. Thousands of happy, repeat customers over the years.

        >> Run by respected internet marketer Nicole Dean. (Who runs her business by her gut and her ethics, not strictly by her pocketbook!)

          >> Excellent customer support. When you need help, they are there for you.

          I’m a customer at and have been very happy with the article content and quality. It’s saved me a few times when writer’s block has clogged up my brain.

          If you need to create content for your blog, I highly recommend you check out today (before you run out of ideas and let your blog die a slow death).

          Have you used PLR articles? What do you think?


          About the Author: Denise O’Berry is a small business expert who provides tools, tips and advice to help small business owners be successful. O’Berry is the author of “Small Business Cash Flow: Strategies for Making Your Business a Financial Success.” Her blog can be found at Just for Small Business.

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